Prize Gallery

Fragments of the Crucible

The world of KeyForge is known as the Crucible—a planet cobbled together from the fragments of countless other planets. Due to its origin, the Crucible boasts an astonishing and ever-growing array of species, cultures, and technologies. There’s no telling what you might find on the Crucible. The only thing that unites the Crucible’s myriad denizens is the fact that the Archons are always looking for some way to put them to use.

Likewise, the prizes associated with KeyForge Organized Play come in all manner of shapes, sizes, and varieties. The only thing that unites them is the fact that you can only win them through your participation in Organized Play!


Æmbershards are associated with your account in the Master Vault. You earn Æmbershards by purchasing decks and participating in designated Organized Play events. Your Æmbershards may be redeemed for prizes at any KeyForge event featuring a Prize Wall.

2019 Season One

Double-Sided Power / Stun Cards

Double-Sided Damage Cards

Double-Sided Æmber Cards

Premium Key Set

Premium Key Set

Discovery Kit

Double-Sided Active House Cards

Status Cards

Æmber Tokens

Discovery Pods

Double-Sided Active House Cards

Æmber Tokens

Launch Party

Double-Sided Active House Cards

House Posters



Glossary Card

House Pins